Parking at St. John XXIII


One of the most difficult things about St. John XXIII University Parish is the parking. We have only about eight parking spots in our driveway for parishioners to park. These are usually filled by students early in the morning. We also have a few staff parking spots, but these need to be available for staff all day, because we may have to come and go. In addition, there is no street parking and the UTK staff parking lot along Caledonia is for University staff only.

If it is urgent that you stop by, you can pull up onto the sidewalk on the east side of the building, but make sure you only stay for a short time.

Unfortunately, conditions are not much better in the evening. Anyone with a valid UT parking permit can use unreserved Staff and Commuter parking areas after 5 pm, but anyone else can be towed. Usually, the University Police do not tow after hours, but we cannot guarentee this. For special events, we try to clear our use of the Staff parking around the Center with the Parking Office. Click here for UT Parking Regulations.


On Sundays, the University allows us to use the Staff parking area along Caledonia (S-12 behind the Center) as well as the parking lot across the street (S-12 across from Hess Hall) and the parking lot by the Clarence Brown Theater (S-23). Please park there when you come to Sunday Masses. This works fairly well, unless there is some special event at the University, in which case much of the parking can be taken up by visitors.


Saturdays, during the day, are like weekday evenings. For the Saturday evening Mass, parking is allowed as on Sunday, except on Home Football Game days. All parking, including ours, is restricted when there is a Home Football Game.